Polarizing opinions of St. Valentine’s Day abound dependent more or less upon relationship status or strong personal conviction. But whatever your opinion, love or romance is not a subject Mzansi people take lightly.

In our February edition of MzansiEye, we looked at Valentine’s Day through the eyes of our research panel to get a sense of its relevance, thus, to help you identify key associated opportunities for your brands. The feedback not only has implications for anniversaries and other romantic occasions, but also for gifting in general.

Is home-cooking a romantic dinner is a preferred replacement for dining out? Do men dream of pampering their Valentine and what does that look like? Is Valentine’s Day a day for all to enjoy and celebrate or for couples only? What are the most-loved Valentine’s Day brands? And how do we include single men and women out there?

“The 5 Love Languages®” are a concept developed by Gary Chapman and covered in his book by the same name. The well-known 5 Love Languages® are about feeling appreciated and showing appreciation. So, let’s find out how people of Mzansi relate to the 5 Love Languages® and what the implications are. What better time to explore love language than at Valentine’s Day, when people are intentionally open to love.


Gift are, of course, the #1 love expression on Valentine’s Day. Sharing gifts is seen as a prerequisite among our participants; and some men were keen and excited on getting gifts and being pampered as ladies usually are.


Spending quality time is another “simple” and “warm” way of expressing and fulfilling love’s longings. Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and chatting or going out to seek new experience together, are how some of our panelists like to spend their Valentine’s Day. 

Subset of quality time includes making memorable experiences includes picnics on the ground, romantic dinners, a night in a luxury hotel, or a romantic holiday to celebrate the day.


With romance in the air, our participants planned to prioritise at least a moment in their day for kisses and cuddles; usually on the couch watching TV or streaming throughout the evening.

An intimate evening spent embracing one another was particularly high on the male agenda, with a hopeful “Whatever happens next…”


Acts of service received little to no mention with people leaning more towards gift sharing, spending quality time and physical touch. 

Celebrating moments of significance and not letting them simply pass by is particularly important to those who value acts of service. Being mindful and present and empathetic in a relationship is what’s important to the one you love.


Words of affirmation were not a prominent theme among Valentine’s Day plans or ideal Valentine’s Day preferences. Using words is such a simple way to express one’s love that it’s value is often overlooked.

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