Whatever name you use to refer to the people of Mzansi, we are dedicated to bringing their realities, pain points, needs and wants, livelihoods, aspirations, motivations and and what makes them tick to light. For us its about understanding PEOPLE AS PEOPLE

Mass market

The township market

The low end market

The bottom of the pyramid

The informal market

The low income market

The black market

The rural market

We understand and appreciate the diversity, rich culture, different languages and dialects, vibey tribal nuances, beliefs and practices that shape and influence people in what they DO, SAY AND FEEL


We are Driven, Passionate, and Different. We thrive in dealing with the unknown , the unpredictable as we are Curious in nature.

Our Mission

Partnering to Access, Engage and Serve the Majority!

We endeavour to help you serve South Africa’s largest market segment by uncovering and collecting insights about their realities and reflecting their behaviours, perceptions, opinions and views so that services, products and initiatives for this market are based on reliable and accurate insights from them.


Our team is made up of people who have lived, experienced and continue to have strong ties with the Majority People of Mzansi. We are driven by the below VALUES


African Response is a proud affiliate of MatrixGroup

MatrixGroup is a Pan-African Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) holding company with a footprint in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in South Africa with affiliate partners including East and West Africa. MatrixGroup partner with experienced local entrepreneurs, who are specialists in their field. African Response is a strategic research agency within this affiliation.

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Email: info@africanresponse.co.za

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Trading hours: Mon – Fri, 8am-5pm