We do not believe in one size fits all thinking, instead we employ a wide range of approaches, methodologies, techniques and solutions to address your needs and requirements.

Financial Services [banking, insurance and funeral parlours]

Our work in the financial services sector covers a broad range of business problems and research objectives. We use various research approaches and methods to answer different research questions and our research plays a part in our clients strategic decision making with a particular focus on the low to middle income market segments on:

We have seen our work being used as a basis for tailoring products and services towards meeting needs and expectations of specific market segments, both in messaging and adding features that resonate with evolving customer behaviour.

Monitoring and Evaluation of a Consumer Financial Education programme

Consumer Financial Education (CFE) is an initiative run by various financial institutions in South Africa – these initiatives aim to increase financial inclusion and to raise financial literacy amongst the public so that they can make more informed decisions about how to effectively manage their money. To measure the impact of these initiatives, an independent Monitoring and Evaluation agency is employed. For several years, African Response has been the monitoring and evaluation agency for a leading financial institution who runs an extensive – multi-channel – programme that includes social media, digital media, TV, Radio, OOH, face to face, and digital activations, etc.

We have also facilitated discussions between different financial institutions on behalf of an industry body to better understand the CFE environment (post-covid-19) across several spheres – how can it be made relevant to our environment and our people, how it is delivered, how it has and needs to evolve, how it can be more efficiently measured (M&E), etc.

Retail sector

The retail industry is a dynamic and competitive sector that is continuously tested by constant disruption (both on consumer needs and macro factors) that some companies struggle to keep pace with. Our people understanding, urban and rural, help us to equip our clients with market insights that inform sound business decisions.

Our work ranges from testing concepts, emerging preferences, responses to macro events such as the impact of Covid-19 on buying decisions and shopper behaviour, etc. We have helped clients gain better understanding of the “elusive” middle market and have taken marketing decision makers into the homes of their consumers. What better way is there to understand someone better other than venturing into their world and for a couple of hours, living in their shoes?

Petroleum and Gas industries

We have conducted numerous studies testing the brand health of a leading petroleum brand, testing the behaviours of long-distance truck drivers in terms of their consumption trends and preferences on the road. We have also tested gas usage and behaviours in the township space. We have seen new product /service launches; communications campaigns as well as market entry based on insights gained

Medical aid industry

Our research in this field has given us the opportunity to engage with different stakeholders in the health care industry, from medical aid members, to pharmacies, to (public and private hospital) HCPs (i.e. healthcare professionals such as GP’s, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Gynaecologists, Physicians, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, etc.).

Through our research, we were able to determine satisfaction of these professionals towards medical aid schemes and to understand the key drivers and detractors of satisfaction across key touchpoints in their engagement with medical aid schemes.

Telecommunications sector

A ground breaking and inclusive study that targeted a township in the Western Cape across formal, informal and back yard dwellings where we sought to understand firstly households’ needs and secondly, local traders attitudes regarding data and data usage as context for testing a value proposition for a new offering.

We approached this project using a combination of research methodologies starting with F2F quantitative research in the form of intercept interviews followed by the qualitative component via in-depth interviews and in-home focus group discussions. These findings serve as a baseline for client to measure impact post launch of affordable fibre solutions in this township.


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Email: info@africanresponse.co.za

Phone: +2710 142 6269

 WhatsApp: 27 82 384 7456

Address: 1st Floor, Yellowwood House, Ballywoods Office Park, 33 Ballyclare Dr, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191

Trading hours: Mon – Fri, 8am-5pm