Ongoing Strategic Insights

African Response launched a ground-breaking survey in 2011 that blew the lid off the lucrative and influential Stokvel market in South Africa – the hidden economy, since then African Response has been tracking and monitoring the dynamics and the landscape of the Stokvel economy.

With Covid-19 impacting the use of face to face for research data collection, African Response introduced technology enabled tools and platforms to help you answer burning questions at the speed of business.

Stokvel insights

Interesting facts about Stokvels


Average number of Stokvels a member belong to

0 +

Average number of members per Stokvel

R 0

Average contribution per member per month

0 M

Total Stokvel Membership

R 0 B

Total VALUE of Stokvels


Total NUMBER of Stokvels

Our online community panel with over 11 000 community panel members comprising the people of Mzansi [ predominantly low to middle income profile including rural areas]

The data collection process

Online survey: Start to finish timelines


1-3 days
5-10 Questions


4-6 days
10-20 Questions


7-10 days
20-30 Questions

Process flow

Our qualitative approach creating conversations with the people of Mzansi to gain deeper insight on an ongoing basis to provide context and understanding the WHY behind behaviour, reactions, thinking etc