Heritage day

Heritage day...

Where did it come from and why do we celebrate it?
Some say it’s just an ordinary day, but this month and in this pandemic, we just proved again that uniting as a nation is worth all the wealth in the world.

Just to touch on the history, Heritage Day was always called King Shaka day which marked the foundation of the Zulu Culture. In 1995 the day was rejected as a national public holiday, but Nelson Mandela addressed the matter and claimed that this day should be changed to Heritage Day to allow and teach South Africa to build a new nation.

Heritage Day is this year 25 years young and from our poll we can prove that it is probably one of the happiest, festive holidays that our county has. It is the one day in a year that we come together as a nation to learn, appreciate and celebrate our rainbow nation.

From our Mzansi Voice monthly poll, it shows that Heritage Day is not an ordinary day in South Africa, it is remarkable and almost magical to see people celebrating their roots together. This survey just showed how we celebrate, what is important and what does South African culture mean.

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