African Response collaborated with Black Swan Society   – a wellness agency that recognises, creates, advances and champions revolutionary wellness practices in Africa. We initiated and are building a pioneering investigation of the yoga industry on the continent, with South Africa as a starting point.  In 2019, we embarked on a first of its kind assessment of the yoga market in South Africa. Similar studies have been conducted in other parts of the world, but not in Africa, and indicate a growing industry on the back of expanding health conscious consumers where yoga is a key attribute. We finalised a report of this assessment in February 2020 however were unable to release it due to the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the world. This report has since been released in September 2020 and provides a benchmark perspective of the yoga industry in South Africa. We are now investigating how teachers/trainers and studios adapted their approach and businesses to keep the yoga spirit alive, as well as finding out what opportunities lie ahead for the industry. Keep an eye on our website for further information and updates.

ZAR1.2 billion -
ZAR1.5 billion

The estimate size of the market is as at August 2020

90 000

Operate from homes, gyms or yoga studios.

1.1 Million

Have been thinking about starting, indicating an appetite to get involved.


Of South Africans have never tried it


Of South Africans have never heard of yoga before


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